It is simple everyday to find lot of Scams in Telegram Channel or Groups. The cyber fraud service has indentified millions dollars scam frauds all over the world.

Last one is called Classiscam, and all the frauds have value of at least $6.5 million in 2020.

These groups have bought into full-fledged scam kits, equipping them with Telegram chatbots for automated communication with victims, as well as customized webpages that lead victims to phishing landing pages. These are all the tools needed to scam victims out of money – when in reality, the victims think they are buying online products.

The Scam

First, the cybercriminals publish few ads on popular marketplaces and classified websites, to obtain views. Tech products especially like game consoles and smartphones are posted at very low prices.

The user can see not only a phishing web site, but also a linked courier website where he thinks to verify parcel tracking, and a payment page. And, especially, a refund page with fake phone numbers for customer assistance. Everything is created with art and nothing casually.

“As a result, the fraudster obtains payment data or withdraws money through a fake ecommerce website, or throught a Telegram payment system.

The LollyOne Anti Fraud Bot

This is the reason why we decided to develop an independent Anti Fraud Bot, that have many thousands of username and userId into. A user can simply connect to this Anti Fraud Bot, and asks for the name or ID.

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